There once was…

There once was a kingdom.

This kingdom was also a movement.

Alotta people, together, moving, shedding, and having fun.

Shedding real or make believe barriers, All Day Every Day, this kingdom was alive with shedding – people everywhere were excited to excite their unique potentials and the potentials of those around them.  It’s goofy, getting better was fun in this kingdom.

No Big Deal.

In the beginning, this kingdom arose from an idea that was generated by a few people who just wanted a better way to get better.  They didn’t want to keep working so hard only to see their efforts not getting them anywhere in particular.  The frustrations of failed workouts and diets were too much to handle and the negative messaging forced upon them was threatening to shut them down completely.  These few people were ready for a way to look at the way they were doing things – a way they hoped would make their time fun and worthwhile.  Precious as this time is here, they knew they could do better, and they knew they were ready to shed dread and have a little fun.  For once, and finally, these people were ready for a slightly different way of looking at the great game of getting better.

This approach would get to be a more simple one, they reasoned – one that would allow for an end to the noisy and nagging conversation in their heads, one that would allow for good deeds to be done and good feelings to be felt.   This approach would allow for a language that isn’t so hard to swallow – one not based in constant comparison to others and not filled with words people don’t like anymore.  These people would start with the title they were thinking up, the days of “working” out are gone, they decided!  Dread be gone too, it’s time to plAyOUT!

From this kingdom at this time sprang what  these few people would call plAyGrounds – open spaces in the fresh air to run and jump and squat and push and pull and plAyOUT and get better.  At these places, these people discovered more muscles and more happiness, tighter waistlines and less worries.  Good health seemed more simple as the notions of what “health” and “wellness” had to be disappeared.  PMA started happening – and this new way of looking became contagious.  These few people decided that the energy sweeping the lands was natural, and that many, many, many people would join in, together, and plAyOUT with them…

For updates on plAyOUTs and information regarding season 1, which begins the week of April 15, 2013, follow on twitter at plAyOUTraining

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